Guthrie Timeline

Timeline of the Guthrie Scottish Rite

1725 First Grand Lodge of Paris was chartered under the English Constitution to confer Symbolic Degrees only.  Soon Thereafter, France became very prolific in the development of Rites and Degrees.  Prominent amoung these were the Scots or Scottish Degrees, which became so prominent and influential that warrants of constitution were issued to administer the degrees.
1743 Masons of Lyons invented the Kadosh degrees.
1754 Chapter of Clermont was established to perpetuate the Scots Degree.
1758 Chapter of Clermont became the Council of the Emperors of the East and the West.  This body organized the Rite of Perfection consisting of 25 degrees.
1761 Stephen Morin was commissioned Inspector General of North America.  Morin sailed to Santa Domingo and later to Jamaica, where he established the Grand Council of the Princes of the Royal Secret.
1762 Grand Constitutions of 1762 were established in Bordeaux and transmitted to Morin, creating the government of the Rite.
1786 Grand Constitution of the Thirty-third degree, called the Supreme Council of Sovereign Inspectors General was ratified by the King of Prussia, Frederick II.  (Today, Masonic scholars disagree as to whether or not this actually occured.
1801 Supreme Council of the United States of America was established at Charleston, South Carolina with nine Inspectors General governing the development of the new Rite of Thirty-third degrees.
1804 Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite, consisting of thirty-three degrees, was ratified by the Grand Orient of France, becoming the Supreme Council of France.
1813 Second Supreme Council for the United States was organized in New York by Emmanuel de la Motta, an officer of the Charleston Supreme Council.
1845 Second Supreme Council (became Supreme Council of Northern Jurisdiction) with headquarters removed to Boston in 1851.
1859-1891 Albert Pike served as Grand Commander of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of the Southern Jurisdiction, refining the ritual of the Rite.
1860 Supreme Council for the Southern Jurisdiction met in Washington, D.c. for the first time.
1890 Harper Cunningham appointed by Pike to be Sovereign Grand Inspector General for the Oklahoma Territories.
1896 Lodge of Perfection constituted at Guthrie
1898 A Consistory of Princes of the Royal Secret established at Guthrie.

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