How to Join

Join the Guthrie Scottish Rite!

Membership in the Guthrie Scottish Rite is, above everything else, a matter of individual pride.  It is like being on a winning team.  It is a great feeling to say you belong to one of the Valleys in the United States that focuses on Masonic education.  We are one of the few Scottish Rite organizations in the Southern Jurisdiction that stages all the degrees of the Rite in a single weekend.  We never sway far from our first and most important goal-to teach men about Masonry; to confront the great problems of faith and philosophy; to study the fundamental issues of life.

We have a national reputation for the quality of our degree work and our overall Reunion experience.  And we have members all over the world.  The Guthrie Scottish Rite is a rich and rewarding source of brotherhood.  We get together, we stay together, we band together; for the purpose of mutual improvement in all that is required to make us better citizens.

Membership in the Guthrie Scottish Rite is open to anyone who is a Master Mason in Good Standing in any Grand Lodge which is recognized by the Grand Lodge of Oklahoma.  There are no territorial boundaries in the Southern Jurisdiction.  Being an institution of free will, a Mason is free to belong to the Scottish Rite Valley of his choice.

We welcome you to the Guthrie Scottish Rite.  We take in new members during two scheduled Reunion weekends per year, one in April and one in October.  We look forward to receiving your petition to join!

Download the petition (requires the free adobe acrobat reader), fill it out, and mail it back or bring it to the next reunion!

Whether you have been a Master Mason less than a year, or for 40 years, you will never forget the experience!

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